Top 10 EV Battery Manufacturers in India [2024]

Top EV battery manufacturers n India

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is gaining serious momentum in India, driven by government initiatives and increasing environmental consciousness. But at the heart of every EV is its battery, the unsung hero responsible for providing clean and sustainable power. So, who are the key players manufacturing these vital components in India?
This blog explores India’s top EV battery manufacturers and some of the major global players contributing to the country’s growing EV ecosystem. We’ll also explore some secondary keywords related to EV battery manufacturing in India.

1.Okaya Power Private Limited

Okaya Power Private Limited is a renowned name in the Indian battery market, which has a rich history and unwavering commitment to quality. The company has established itself as a leader in providing power solutions, offering a broad range of batteries for various applications, including automotive, inverter systems, and industrial use.

Okaya Power’s products are known for their exceptional performance and durability, making them a reliable choice for customers.

The company strongly emphasises corporate responsibility and sustainability, striving to minimise environmental impact by using eco-friendly manufacturing practices and responsible disposal methods.

Okaya Power’s consistent market performance reflects its financial stability. As a result, the company can invest in research and development, stay ahead in a competitive market and provide top-notch products to its customers.

2.Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited

Luminous Power Technologies is known for its innovative and reliable power solutions. The company is committed to providing advanced, energy-efficient battery solutions. Its extensive range of batteries includes products for inverters, solar power systems, and industrial applications, catering to residential and commercial needs.

Innovation is at the heart of Luminous Power Technologies. The company invests heavily in research and development to introduce cutting-edge technologies and ensure that its batteries align with the changing needs of consumers and industries.

Luminous Power Technologies has gained a significant market share through its competitive edge in product quality and innovation. The company’s ability to stay ahead of industry trends has positioned it as a key player in the battery market.

3.LG Energy Solution (LGES)

The company actively engages in sustainable practices and ensures its battery manufacturing processes comply with global environmental standards.

LG Energy Solution Limited is a leading global company contributing to the battery industry. The company’s history and evolution demonstrate its transformation into a key player in providing advanced energy storage solutions.

LG Energy Solution is at the forefront of cutting-edge battery technologies, including lithium-ion batteries for various applications. The company’s focus on innovation has established it as a leader in the global battery market.

Furthermore, LG Energy Solution prioritises social and environmental responsibility in its operations. The company actively engages in sustainable practices and ensures its battery manufacturing processes comply with global environmental standards.

Regarding financial performance and market share, LG Energy Solution’s strong market share and consistent economic growth reflect its global market dominance. This underscores the company’s strength and stability in the competitive battery industry.

4.Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Energy India Company Limited is a global electronics giant with a significant presence in the Indian battery market. The company offers a diverse range of notable battery solutions for consumer electronics, automotive applications, and industrial use, which are highly regarded for their quality and durability.

Apart from its product offerings, Panasonic Energy India Company Limited also actively engages in industry collaborations and partnerships to advance battery technologies and applications.

As of 2024, Panasonic Energy India Company Limited is a key player in the Indian battery market, contributing to its growth and development. Panasonic Energy India Company Limited is a global electronics giant with a significant presence in the Indian battery market. The company offers a diverse range of notable battery solutions for consumer electronics, automotive applications, and industrial use, which are highly regarded for their quality and durability.

Apart from its product offerings, Panasonic Energy India Company Limited also actively engages in industry collaborations and partnerships to advance battery technologies and applications.

5.HBL Power Systems Limited

HBL Power Systems Limited is a leading provider of specialised batteries and power solutions. The company’s overview highlights its extensive experience and expertise in delivering reliable, high-performance energy storage solutions.

HBL power systems specialise in batteries for critical applications, including defence, telecommunications, and industrial sectors. The company’s flagship products cater to niche markets where reliability is paramount.

Noteworthy Achievements and Recognitions HBL Power Systems has garnered recognition for its achievements in providing mission-critical power solutions. Awards and accolades showcase the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in specialised battery manufacturing.

Future Outlook and Expansion Plans HBL Power Systems’ outlook involves further expansion into specialised markets and continuous innovation. The company’s strategic plans focus on meeting the evolving demands of industries that require dependable power solutions.

6.Grinntech Motors & Services Private Limited

Grinntech Motors & Services is a company that specialises in battery technologies for electric vehicles and renewable energy applications. It prides itself on contributing to the green energy revolution.

Grinntech offers a diverse range of battery solutions specifically tailored for electric vehicles. Its innovative battery technologies contribute to the growth of the electric mobility sector.

The company collaborates with industry players to advance battery technologies. Partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers and renewable energy projects demonstrate Grinntech’s commitment to shaping the industry.

Positive testimonials and customer reviews highlight Grinntech’s success in meeting the needs of electric vehicle manufacturers and renewable energy projects. Customer satisfaction serves as a testament to the company’s technological prowess.

7.Evolute Solutions Private Limited

Evolute Solutions Private Limited has a strong corporate philosophy and mission. It is dedicated to providing comprehensive battery solutions that align with its mission. Evolute Solutions offers an extensive product line that caters to various industrial, automotive, and renewable energy applications.

The company’s diverse range of batteries showcases its adaptability to different market segments. Innovation is central to Evolute Solutions’ approach, as evidenced by its significant investment in research and development.

The company is committed to staying at the forefront of battery technology to ensure the continual enhancement of its product offerings. Evolute Solutions’ market positioning is reinforced by its competitive product quality and innovation advantage.

The company can understand market trends and deliver solutions that meet customer needs, contributing to its success.

8.Exide Industries Limited

One of the major companies in the Indian battery market is Exide Industries Limited. With decades of experience, Exide has made a name for itself as a top supplier of energy storage products. The organisation has risen to the top of the industry because of its dedication to quality and innovation.

Important Goods and Services Exide provides various batteries to meet the needs of multiple industries, such as automotive, industrial, and renewable energy. Strong and dependable batteries for cars, inverters, and solar power applications are among their product offerings.

Innovations in Technology Regarding technological developments in battery production, Exide has led the way. The business continuously invests in R&D to develop cutting-edge features, boost the energy economy, and increase battery performance.

Position in the Market and Accomplishments Exide enjoys a notable position in the business thanks to its extensive distribution network and strong market presence. As a result of the company’s recognition and accreditation for its dedication to quality, both businesses and customers may trust it.

9.Amara Raja Batteries Limited

A major participant in the Indian battery industry, Amara Raja Batteries Limited is renowned for emphasising customer happiness and quality. The company’s dedication to cutting-edge technology and creative solutions has helped it become well-known.

Amara Raja offers various batteries for home inverters, industrial use, and automobile use. Due to their high performance and reputation for longevity, the company’s goods are favoured by a wide range of customers.

Particular Qualities and Insights into the Sector Amara Raja Batteries’ focus on technologically advanced solutions has substantially contributed to the industry. The company frequently sets new industry standards with its batteries by including cutting-edge technologies.

High satisfaction levels and positive customer feedback highlight Amara Raja’s dedication to providing dependable and effective battery solutions. The company’s customer-centric approach has cemented its reputation as a reliable brand in the battery sector.

10.Tata AutoComp GY Batteries Private Limited

Tata AutoComp GY Batteries, a subsidiary of Tata AutoComp Systems Limited, manufactures batteries for various applications, leveraging the Tata Group’s legacy and commitment to excellence.
Product Portfolio The company offers a diverse product portfolio, including batteries for automotive, industrial, and renewable energy sectors.

Tata AutoComp GY Batteries is a renowned brand known for its top-notch quality assurance and strict adherence to international standards. The company is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and has made it a key focus area. It employs eco-friendly practices to ensure responsible manufacturing processes and battery disposal methods.

Tata AutoComp GY Batteries is pursuing strategic initiatives centred around product diversification, market expansion, and partnerships to expand its market presence. These growth strategies have positioned the company as a dynamic player in the battery industry.

India Charges Towards an Electric Future with Homegrown Batteries

EV battery manufacturers.

India’s electric vehicle (EV) revolution zooms forward, fueled by a desire for clean mobility. At the heart of every EV lies its battery, the silent hero enabling sustainable transportation. This blog dives into the top EV battery manufacturers in 2024, showcasing both established global giants and rising domestic stars.

We explore companies like CATL, LG Energy Solution, Panasonic, Exide, Amara Raja Batteries, and the Tata Group. The EV battery manufacturing landscape is dynamic, constantly innovating as companies compete for market share. While established players like Bosch contribute crucial EV components, the Indian government’s push for domestic production through schemes like the PLI is attracting significant investments. This, coupled with the expanding EV market, is expected to lure even more companies into the race, transforming India into a self-sufficient EV battery hub.

The future is electrifying. Established global players are setting their sights on India alongside strong domestic contenders. The potential is limitless, making this blog a springboard for your exploration of this ever-evolving sector. As the EV industry surges forward, India is poised to be a leading force in powering the clean mobility revolution of the future.


1.Who is the biggest EV battery manufacturer?

CATL (China) is the undisputed leader in EV battery production globally.

2.Which company is best in EV batteries?

Determining the “best” is complex. Top contenders like LG Energy Solution (South Korea) and Panasonic (Japan) are known for quality and innovation.

3.Which is the No. 1 battery company in the world?

CATL (China) holds the top global battery production (all types).

4.Which is the No. 1 battery company in India?

There isn’t a single dominant player yet. Established names like Exide and Amara Raja, alongside the Tata Group, are frontrunners in India’s EV battery space.

5.Who manufactures EV batteries in India?

Several companies manufacture EV batteries in India, including Exide, Amara Raja, and the Tata Group. Established foreign players like LG Energy Solution also make their presence felt through partnerships.

6.Who is the leader in EV battery in India?

The Indian EV battery space is evolving rapidly. Multiple strong contenders are vying for leadership, making it an exciting landscape.

7.Which battery brand is Indian?

Amara Raja (“Amaron” brand) is a major Indian player in battery manufacturing, including EV batteries.

8.Which battery company is Indian?

Exide and Amara Raja are leading Indian companies in battery manufacturing, with a growing focus on EV batteries.