Revive, Reuse,
Recycle Battery


Renovar Labs establishes a sustainable circular economy for lithium-ion batteries by collecting, refurbishing, repurposing, and recycling battery materials.

Doorstep Collection

We offer collection services at your doorstep and a fair price for your used batteries, making the safe recycling of your batteries hassle-free.

Safe Transportation

We provide secure packaging solutions to dealers & dismantlers and transport used batteries safely and scientifically.

Refurbish & Repurpose

Used batteries in good condition are refurbished and repurposed for a second life at Renovar Labs.

Material Recovery

Our cutting-edge battery recycling process goes beyond conventional methods. We’re pioneers in material recovery, salvaging valuable resources like lithium, cobalt, and nickel from discarded batteries. In pursuing sustainable practices and resource conservation, recovering useful materials from discarded batteries has become crucial. Through a combination of advanced techniques, these materials are reclaimed and repurposed.

Material Recovery Techniques




Ionic liquids



Sustainable Battery Solutions

95% Metals Recovery:

Harness the power of recycling as we salvage an impressive 95% of essential battery metals, providing a sustainable supply of raw materials.

25% Reconditioned Batteries:

Transforming discarded batteries into a force for good, 25% of our collected batteries find new life, energising homes and industries across India.

AI Solutions

We apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools
in pricing, reverse logistics including sorting, and recycling to achieve the maximum efficiency with battery reuse and recycling.


At Renovar Labs, we are dedicated to continuous improvement in battery recycling. Our mission is to revolutionise how batteries are managed, focusing on innovative processes that recover valuable materials while minimising environmental impact.