Nissan Goes Electric! Bringing EV Production In-House?

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Hey there, fellow eco-conscious drivers and tech enthusiasts! Get ready for some exciting news fresh off the press – Nissan might be gearing up for a game-changing move in the electric vehicle (EV) arena.

Word on the street is that Nissan is considering bringing production of its ultra-compact EVs in-house. Now, before we get too revved up, let’s keep in mind that this news comes from sources in the know, not directly from Nissan themselves.

But hey, a little speculation never hurt anyone, right?

Let’s dive into what this potential shake-up could mean for the future of driving. Before that, if you haven’t read our blog about Yamaha’s move on battery swapping in E-bikes, click here.

So, what’s the scoop behind this possible pivot?

Well, it seems Nissan is eyeing its Kyushu factory as the potential hub for cranking out these compact electric wonders. This move would mark a significant departure from Nissan’s current arrangement, where its Sakura model is produced by Mitsubishi Motors.

If this rumour turns out to be true, it suggests that Nissan is looking to take more control over its EV production process, potentially streamlining operations and ensuring that every EV rolling off the assembly line meets Nissan’s high standards.

Now, let’s talk about the Sakura model for a moment. This little electric gem has been turning heads since its debut in mid-2022. With its sleek design and eco-friendly credentials, it’s no wonder that it’s been a hit with consumers.

In fact, it snagged the title of Japan’s best-selling passenger EV in 2023, capturing an impressive 42% market share. That’s some serious street cred right there! Since its launch, nearly 64,000 units have been sold, demonstrating strong demand for Nissan’s electric offerings.

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But why mess with a winning formula, you might ask?

Well, by bringing production in-house, Nissan could potentially unlock even more innovation and creativity. With full control over the manufacturing process, who knows what kind of electrifying features and advancements Nissan could cook up? Plus, it could help Nissan better compete with industry giants like Tesla and BYD, who have been making waves in the EV space.

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Of course, it’s worth remembering that nothing is set in stone just yet. While the prospect of Nissan bringing EV production in-house is certainly exciting, we’ll have to wait and see if it pans out. In the meantime, we can keep our fingers crossed and our eyes peeled for any official announcements from Nissan. Source: The Economic Times & Business Standard.

In conclusion

While the news of Nissan potentially bringing EV production in-house is still just speculation at this point, it’s certainly got us buzzing with excitement. With the success of the Sakura model paving the way, Nissan could be gearing up for an electrifying future in the world of EVs. So, fellow drivers, let’s buckle up and stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting ride ahead!

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